Process In Process.

This is a status update. As you all know I'm a declared candidate for Grafton County Commissioner, District #2 to succeed (which isn't possible) Ray Burton. Recently, I went to "Celebration for Ray Burton."at Plymouth State University and it was all good. And in my experience, what was especially powerful was Sen. Lou Dellasandro's statement that "Ray Burton will always be with us."

Ray Burton will always be with us.

I'm not an actual follower or believer in paranormal activity or spirit(s) or coincidences like this, but I'll tell you this. I know Ray Burton, have known Ray Burton and I went down to Haverhill to express an interest in filling in for Ray Burton for the next year (difficult task) for the next year until the next election can be held. And I went to Ray Burton Park adjacent to the 1930 building:

Ray Burton will always be with us.

This being said, let's move on... 

I've just received this e-mail:

"The Grafton County Executive Committee convened this morning in public session to review the 12 applications that were received and make recommendations for personal interviews.  After careful review and deliberation, the Executive Committee has unanimously recommended Richard Long, Linda Lauer, Denis Ward, Michael King, and Peter Glenshaw to proceed to the personal interview phase.