Going To Albany NY.

One of the things I'm missing about being an OTR Truck Driver is the sheer love of driving. I just love to drive! Some drivers bitch and moan in the morning about getting going, (some of them have been partying too); it was never the case with me. I don't care if it were 0300 and it was pouring rain. As soon as I had some hours available I was raring to go!

Actually, I was the reverse. I was constantly getting into issues with log-books. And basically I was always going over the 11 hour rule. Truck drivers are allowed to be on duty for 14 hours continuously, with 11 of those hours being actual driving hours. Once the 14 or 11 hour clocks expire the truck has to stop for 10 hours and reset both clocks.

Anyways logbooks are a big part of running a truck.

Let's move on. I'm going to take another road trip shortly, I'm going to Albany, New York. From what I'm reading New York is very similar to New Hampshire in it's politics and stance on expanded casino gaming. Actually it's a mirror image.

Is Governor Cuomo like Gov. Hassan?

Many ideas and no leadership to make it happen.

In any case I understand a group of investors has built a state of the art OTB right in downtown Albany near the Statehouse complex to demonstrate the "potential of expanded casino gaming." On my way back from Pennsylvania recently I went right through Albany and never knew or saw this OTB.

If I only knew!

And actually Albany really isn't that far away, it's not very far from Brattleboro, Vermont which itself is right across from Keene, NH. I guess I don't consider it very far. I've picked up loads in Salt Lake City, Utah and run right across the heartland of America I-80 to places like Keasbey, New Jersey.

This is an incredible country that we have, especially driving across it. It's too bad the politics has to be as bad as it is.