A 'Fragile' NH Economy.

"The secret of all victory lies in the organization of the non-obvious."-Oswald Spengler

I'm thinking about reading the book, "The Decline of the West."by Oswald Spengler. From what little I've read on Wilkipedia alot of it has a strong basis even here in New Hampshire.

I'm reading to my great disappointment reports of the rolling layoffs at the paper mill at Gorham, NH. And I think Sen. Jeff Woodburn hasn't done a very good job here, especially with his comments about a "fragile NH economy."

Is a quote like this an example of leadership?

New Hampshire doesn't have a fragile economy. New Hampshire has a failing economy because there is no leadership in this state starting with the Office of Governor.

Recently I was at the "Celebration for Ray Burton"at PSU and to listen to Gov. Hassan talk. As if there aren't any real issues in this state.