Striving For The Unattainable.

"A culture moves in the direction of it's destiny."-Oswald Spengler, The Decline of the West.

"The New Hampshire economy is strong and innovative."- Gov. Maggie Hassan

I distinctly remember that when Gov. Hassan was victorious in her race for Governor over Ovide Lamontagne she almost immediately began talking, almost preaching about this whole idea of an "innovation economy" in New Hampshire. Gov. Hassan. From Prosperity To Poverty. No Leadership In Concord.

An economy that encompasses such things as science, technics, economics, engineering and ultimately politics.

I don't and didn't believe any of this from the onset. But this being said, I'm really surprised on how this Governor has come almost 180 degrees with her recent appearances at soup kitchens amidst the plight of the growing list of NH homeless people.

An admission that this state is in decline?