To Defeat A Warrant Article.

"The New Hampshire economy is strong and innovative."-Gov. Maggie Hassan.

Somehow every year there is a warrant article that really raises my ire. Fortunately this warrant article is not in my community but in nearby Littleton, N.H.

It's an article that "appropriates $50,000.00 to study economic revitalization and apply for state and federal grants." For an area of Littleton known as Saranac Street. Littleton Doesn't Need A $50K Study.


I'm surprised the two selectmen Marghie Seymour and Mike Gilman that are behind this scheme don't use terms like "Innovation!." or the catch all to fleece the local taxpayer: "A Public-Private Partnership."

Littleton doesn't need a taxpayer financed study.

Hopefully the voters will see this special interest for exactly what it is and defeat this warrant article.