Boothby For Executive Council


A couple of days ago I penned in (and it was printed) a Letter To The Editor of the Caledonian Record Newspaper for Christopher Boothby to be the next Executive Councilor for District #1.

My letter was brief I don't think anyone reads long letters and especially long letters about politics.

Basically I said that I've asked to candidate questions ranging from state contracts to the appointment of judges and state officials. I found his responses to be quality here. I'm also confident he won't vote for state contacts simply because our innovation Gov. Hassan wants the contract.

Other than Councilor Chris Sununu I can't say the same thing about the rest of the puppet like Executive Council.  

But let's move on...

Boothby seems to be the only candidate that is actually working for the votes. I've seen him actually in northern New Hampshire this means something as well.