Starvation Is Real Power.

So I'm driving home from the salt mines and I'm listening to Canadian CBC. It's interesting, unlike the cleansed material that runs the U.S. air waves the Canadian (or at least this particular station) isn't afraid to report the actual news.

Today's news wasn't very good.

Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan lays off 250 workers.

This is very significant. I'm not a farmer but I did look at the financial statements for this publicly traded company around the time natural gas was spiking towards the stratosphere. Potash is a critical component of fertilizer and farmers employ potash to increase production on their crops from everything from Red Wheat to Soybeans. The market for food is increasing as is the demand for it's by product(s) like ethanol production.

So why is potash actually laying off workers instead of adding them to meet demand?

They didn't give a reason on CBC.

I'm confident socialism has something to do with this.

No Farms=No Food.