Who Is Mark Aldrich?


This is all I've been able to find out about Executive Council candidate Mark Aldrich:

"Mark Aldrich is currently the Economic Development Director of Claremont, New Hampshire. In December 1999, he retired after working for twenty years for the United States Senate, where he was the N.H. Chief of Staff to United States Senators Bob Smith and Gordon Humphrey. Mark was responsible for the administration of the Senators' four New Hampshire offices and served as the Senators' state representative and intergovernmental liaison, representing them at various events and ceremonies. He also had a major role in advising the Senators on major environmental issues affecting the state. He is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire with a degree in political science (minor in anthropology), and he holds an MBA from New Hampshire College. He is also a licensed NH real estate broker."

This looks to me like more of the same or business as usual.