My Start. My End.

I'm going to the "Celebration of Ray Burton." at Plymouth State University on the 14th. I'm not really looking forward to listening to Sens. Shaheen, Ayotte read speeches that came from a can but my attendance at this event does have some important meaning for me.

I like many others in this state got my start and all degrees of success in politics because of Ray Burton. I've never told the story but I'm telling it now. I met Ray as a junior in high school, and started out as a driver as he traversed the northern 1/3 of the state. It was quite an experience. And I've done everything from driving the 55' Cadillac Limousine in parades to meeting important dignitaries arriving by plane, in this particular case it was Al Haig coming into Colebrook campaigning for president. From there I ended getting appointed to various political projects like the North Country Council Inc. (Transportation Regional Planning). Then in 1994 longtime, powerful Rep. Kathleen "Kay" Ward announced her retirement and Ray asked me if I'd be interested in running for the seat, which was then Grafton District #1 Bethlehem, Littleton and Monroe.

And of course I had to win! Why yes because things like this happen in District Number One!

Alot has changed since those days and I mean alot. The specifics of which is a topic for another thread.

But I was successful in politics because of Ray Burton.

I look at politics now (2013) and I'm almost sickened by what I see, hear and listen to rumors about. Like I said earlier alot has changed. I almost did a blog during Thanksgiving stating that I'm grateful that I'm not involved in NH politics anymore, and I really mean this. I'll still write about it. It's easy to be an armchair commando and strategise about how issues should be, at least I'm getting the satisfaction of generating at least an alternative idea or even a theory.  

This is from my end.

But I'm still going to go on the 14th to honor Ray Burton this is an end too.