Is Garcia A Protege of Hassan?

As a voter in the Second Congressional District I'm trying to find out what I can about Rep. Melinda Garcia. I'll post a link below. But she is from Salem, has some impressive academic credentials from places like Tufts, Harvard and the New England Conservatory of Music. She serves on the house finance committee and beyond this from what I'm reading she is an accomplished musician with the harp musical instrument.Rep. Garcia is running for U.S. Congress. Playing the Harp is among her stated crudentials.

I'm now looking at her campaign website this one really comes crashing down on me:

"Ms. Garcia was the prime sponsor of "New Hampshire Innovation Job Growth Program" bill, which enables the New Hampshire Business Finance Authority to facilitate the acquisition of early stage seed capital for NH entrepreneurs."

And what exactly does this mean?

Does this enable a state agency to take out loans to finance other loans that are given out to the politically connected under this wonderful Gov. Maggie Wood Hassan inspired theme of INNOVATION!

If you don't believe this statement then name a NH entrepreneur that has been successful without some type of politicial and/or established connection(s).

I'd contact Rep. Garcia to see what she means by this statement but as of late I'm not having much luck contacting or even discussing with NH politicians anything of real substance.

How innovative is that.