Predictions For Upcoming.

With this blog I'm making a strategic prediction for the upcoming legislative session:

That expanded casino gaming legislation fails by a larger margin than it did during the last session.

There are several major reason(s) for this, for starters election season will be upon us again in the fall, and at it's best the very idea of supporting casinos is a hard sell in both the senate and in the house.

Then they'res "highly regulated, higher end" casino salesman herself, Gov. Maggie Wood Hassan. I still can't believe she hasn't faced more political flak and ground fire from her performance on this issue.

But let's move on. Expanded Casino Gaming could be a powerful economic force for New Hampshire. But without the right mix of leadership and direction it's a better idea to just kill the idea.

The expanded casino gaming legislation will fail as it should. I've been to Pennsylvania several times and seen first hand why their proposal worked. It worked because the policymakers took the time to balance what this industry is against what was needed in that state. Whether this was market area (Philadelphia), economic revitalization (Bethlehem Steel Mill), or even saving a dilpidated racetrack(s) (Penn National). (Chester). 

This is all missing in New Hampshire.