Words As Weapons.

Words as Weapons isn't a substitute for effective leadership.Let’s see how do I offer a compliment and hurl an insult in one sentence.

As a communicator NH GOP Chair Horn is effective if not awesome but I still don’t like her.

It’s clear from the press release below that not only is she in control of the situation but the words are actually weapons and she knows how to use them, effective in politics just pick up the weapon and fight!

But words and fighting as interesting as it may be to consider isn’t any long term substitute for organizational and financial leadership which not only the NH GOP needs but also happens to be the weakness in the Horn portfolio.

New Hampshire could be in a worse position.

If I were to guess I see the GOP Chairman making life very difficult for the Democratic Leadership which like her are under pressure to produce, especially the corner office. I see the new governor being handed her first strategic defeat in the upcoming casino legislation, which is poor self-centered legislation at best. And it should be interesting to see how Gov. Hassan handles this. I think Hassan will pull a Harmid Karzai-- tell everyone there will be a response like an air strike but the whole intention is to head for the hills and save her own skin. Better yet she’ll appoint a committee.

Yeah. This is the way that it will go.

So if Chair Horn can get in here this might be the starting place for some good political leverage and traction.

This would also get the NHGOP back on the track where it desperately needs to be.