Teaching The Dawgs To Beg.

So I’m listening to the Gov. Hassan speech on NH NPR.

It starts out well with a vision of the future and the way life could be in the granite state. This is after all a political speech. And then I heard it:

“You can clap now.” At first I’m questioning whether it is her voice and what the context is as applause can be heard in the background.

Then the governor continued on of course there are always priorities especially when it comes to spending at large bloated places like UNH where instate tuition costs more than out of state tuition at UMASS-Lowell. Of course UNH needs the spending! And then she did it again:

“You can clap now.” Now I’m thinking wow! This has to be a first in New Hampshire history and I don’t care if this is the worst political speech known, which it isn’t. I’m surmising the underlying attitude of Gov. Hassan:

They’re all so damn dumb anyway.

I could be wrong. Perhaps telling people when to clap is the new standard place of politics. Had he been elected I’m sure Mitt Romney would have no qualms or compunction about telling people when they should be clapping like a learned behavior from a position of leadership. This would be similar to teaching a dog to beg, or in Romney's case putting the dog in a box on top of the car.

They’re all so damn dumb anyway.

But this is still politics and our citizen $100.00 a year plus mileage legislature still has a vote and I’m hoping they do some learned behaviors on their own.

Like send that self-centered, flawed $80 million dollar casino bill to the ITL toilet bowl and send a message in the report to Gov. Hassan,

“You can frown now.”