Finding Similarities.

I’m trying hard not to be too critical of Gov. Hassan.

It’s easy to be critical; it’s almost like standing on the sidelines of a football game and playing the role of quarterback: “Id do this differently, and the team would win the game!”

It’s a lot different when you’re down there on the field, making the play and having a 350 pound defensive end named Tyrone Jefferson Jamal staring at you with the idea that a tough sack can break some serious bones and internal organs.

Gov. Hassan is the governor and the quarterback. She is on the field making the calls.

I was in the NH House it’s a lot different when you’re down there on the field and in the corner office in the NH Statehouse.

But this being said, I came across this comrade Stalin video and find some eerie similarities between the Gov. Hassan recent state of the state speech and the 1937 idea that the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics could have a Constitution.

Especially the clapping part…