China Should Invest in New Hampshire.

This blog is in response to the guest post below "meet your neighbor" by Harold Brown relative to the growing economic and political powers of the People’s Republic of China.

I’ll let you read the article for yourself. The first impressions that came to my mind after an 11 hour shift is: fear mixed with lack of understanding and ultimately, paranoia.

"What is China going to do to us!"

The answer: nothing.

China investing in New Hampshire would be quality with many positive long-term benefits ranging from economic development to education and an investment that would also lead to the reverse, New Hampshire investing in China.

China is a growing, evolving and now maturing economy of course they’re scouring the globe in search of the future. I’m glad they’re considering the United States, and especially this area of the world.

Imagine the possibilities.

New Hampshire made maple syrup sold in restaurants across Beijing to Hong Kong.  New Hampshire produced technology like New England Wire in Lisbon to help China advance to the 21st century.

In exchange China sends students here, Chinese tourists come here and ultimately some will relocate here and become what is New Hampshire.

What could be wrong or feared about this.