When The Rail Comes To Town.

So the past is the past.

The Executive Council had its vote 4-1 and the $3.86 million dollar consultant, politically fed rail project now moves forward.

I’ve said enough of the economic and financial viability of running passenger trains to Nashua and on up to Concord. It has no viability but the rail will still be coming to town.

This is the way that it is...

This is an interesting UTUBE video about another railroad project that I believe is actually worthy of support. And this is the construction of a switching terminal for the Union Pacific Railroad in Texas.

As I’ve reported previously the re-construction of the Panama Canal is going to be a game changer, in lots of ways transportation paramount among these. Instead of the gridlocked, union controlled west coast the Florida ports become of immediate significance including rail transportation routes to places like Texas and beyond.

Of course it’s hard to watch any video and issue like this and not have some type of feeling for real people, in this case it’s the farmers whose land is displaced. Here in New Hampshire it’s simply spending with money that we can’t afford.

Politics and policy marches on.

I’m sure when I-70 and I-80 were constructed across the great plains of the U.S. many farmers were displaced just as they are now in Texas.

Consider where we are as a country because of I-70 and I-80.