Executive Council Item #75.


And here it is.

Scheduled for the Governor and Executive Council meeting for February 6th, 2013 at the NH Statehouse.

#75 Authorize the Bureau of Rail and Transit to enter into an agreement with URS Corporation, Salem, NH, and San Francisco, CA, to undertake a study of the Boston MA to Concord NH rail corridor, to analyze transit options in the corridor including the viability of establishing passenger rail service on this line, for an amount not to exceed $3,655,752. The two-part study will include an Alternatives Analysis for rail and transit in the Lowell-Nashua-Manchester portion of the corridor and a service development plan for intercity passenger rail in the corridor between Boston and Concord. Effective upon G&C approval through December 31, 2014. 88.75% Federal, 11.25% General Funds.

$3.6 million dollars to study some 39 miles of railroad line to see if there is a feasibility of moving passengers on it.

This goes beyond "business as usual" in the political context. This is the wholesale slaughter of the NH taxpayer by the very individuals that are elected as advocates for these same taxpayers.

I've asked you before and I'm asking you again please contact your Executive Councilor and ask them to vote NO on item #75.