LBAO Screw Up.

I’m trying to read through the released fiscal notes for HB 678 and SB 152 and the for lack or better words, “revenue estimates” for NH casinos if either one or both of these bills pass.

It’s a bunch of crap.

From what I’m reading the assumptions made here are from slot machine revenue from Maine and Connecticut with $162.89 and $285.98 per machine respectively.

This is the problem when professional bureaucrats are given the chance to wade into the waters of policy and business. They screw up.

This makes sense because their paycheck and environment isn’t dependent upon the very elements that run business and markets, and there are many; a short sampling: innovation, ideas, forecasting, differentiation, imagination, risk, projections and sometimes fate.

So let’s get political here.

How did the LBAO select Maine and Connecticut as the slot machine revenues of choice?

I’m not even going to try to answer this question, but if the LBAO were interested in comparative analysis of gaming revenue for New Hampshire they would have looked at comparable demographics and tourism statistics at areas like the Turning Stone Casino in Verona, New York and the casinos in newly licensed Pennsylvania and then overlaid these numbers with the assumption that Suffolk Downs in Boston will be granted one of the licenses in that state.

They didn't.

I hope this legislature flushes both HB 678 and SB 152 down the toilet this is where both of these bills belong.

Call your legislator.