Should Sig Sauer Move?

Should Sig Sauer Move To Mississippi?News headlines including the Union Leader are reporting on efforts in Mississippi including the speaker’s office to encourage NH arms manufacturer Sig Sauer to move to Ol’ Miss.

I’m confident that the offer and incentives will be hard to turn down.

Free real estate, tax credits, discount electricity and a hungry workforce is what Sig Sauer will find in Mississippi or they can stay here in New Hampshire and face the challenges here.

Increasing taxation, property values and ever increasing regulation(s) to name a few. The recently passed R&D tax credit might be something of an advantage but again it will be pale in comparison to what they’ll find in Mississippi.

This is also an example of why I think the Rose nomination to be the next DRED Commissioner should fail, and especially with his reported answers before the recent Executive Council hearing. I don’t think his background as a congressional staffer and public relations executive are the best credentials to retain and attract business to be in New Hampshire.I also think as time goes by more states like Mississippi will be coming to New Hampshire to encourage business to leave the Granite State.

Something needs to be done.