Initially my plan was to name this blog, Keep Bryce. Dump Rose.  In an argument against the current DRED political nominee in favor of keeping the interim commissioner in place.

Not sure this is exactly fair.

When Bryce was nominated as the interim commissioner I actually called two members of the Executive Council to express my concern over the qualifications of Mr. Bryce to be a full commissioner.

It never crossed my mind that the eventual nominee would have fewer qualifications than Mr. Bryce.

Politics is like that.

That doesn’t make it right especially for an important position like DRED Commissioner. I wasn’t at the recent Executive Council hearing I had to be at work but if I were some of the questions I’d have for Mr. Rose.

  1. Other than politics and public relations have you ever had any other form of employment, say private business or ventures that required you to take risk, demonstrate independent leadership or meet a payroll?
  2. Please describe your strategy to create jobs and taxbase for New Hampshire?
  3. Do you think Cannon Mountain should be leased?
  4. Maine and Vermont are now moving substantially ahead of New Hampshire in economic development, does DRED need to be concerned with this?
  5. Would you support eliminating the DRED position(s) in northern NH to save taxpayer money or at least provide an explanation of what these positions actually accomplish?  
  6. Do you support Regional Planning in New Hampshire and the implementation of Granite State Futures (GSF), regardless of whether local communities want it or not?
  7. Would you support reopening the Int’l Trade Resource Center under new leadership or would you select Dawn Wivell to run it again?

 I don’t know how Mr. Rose would answer these question(s).  But I do think the answers would shed some light on whether he would be effective as DRED Commissioner.

  I have my suspecions...