Must See To Believe.

If the political pages in the NH Sunday Union Leader are to be believed,

Deep issues in the expanded casino gaming idea for New Hampshire.

In her state speech Gov. Hassan stated her support for one “highly regulated, upscale casino.” Whatever this means. Gov Hassan never once stated where this casino would be located, but I think it safe to say that the Rockingham Park in Salem proposal fits this statement.

Now comes in Mr. Jerry Gappens at NH Motor Speedway in Loudon and I don’t have the newspaper quote directly in front of me but it went something like: “the door is open about getting a license.”

And whether this is direct or indirect I don’t think this really matters.

I’m now wondering how many legislators Gov. Hassan spoke with about who would be granted a license whether it be in Salem or Loudon?

This is where the words politics, preference and favoritism come into play.

Now I’ll overshadow this issue with an important policy question: who exactly is deciding who is granted a license and who is being told what?

Dangerous waters ahead.