Reduce National Guard. Save Money.

Is this the future mission of the NH National Guard? Governor Hassan is making some news with this possible sequester and its impact on New Hampshire. One headline reads:

“Possible furlough of 6,000 National Guard members."

Not necessarily a bad idea.

The NH National Guard performs a vital state and country mission, but unfortunately similar to most entrenched bureaucracies from Washington has become an organization that is top heavy with administration that is insulated from accountability and costs; and also an organization that at times has deep problems even defining its own role in existence.

The NH National Guard could be reduced by 1/3 a move that would save taxpayers millions of dollars, and its core mission(s) would not only be preserved but likely improved.

Some examples of this financial savings:

-  Why does the NH National Guard need five flag officers with the rank of Brigadier General or higher?

-  Same argument about Colonels and Majors—way too many.

-  Why does the guard need to base aircraft tankers at Pease Tradeport when there are already tankers stationed at Bangor, Maine, Dover, Delaware and believe it or not Iceland?(U.S. Air Force). Why are these tankers used for flyover events at NASCAR races in Loudon, NH?

-  If the National Guard is designed to be part-time “weekend warriors” why are there so many members drawing full-time salaries and state benefits?

 I could continue on here but I won’t.

 Millions of taxpayer dollars could be saved.