Selling Used Cars and Casinos.

The idea of expanded casino gaming in New Hampshire has become a used car sales lot.The whole idea of expanded casino gaming in New Hampshire is unraveling.

The evidence of this statement are everywhere.

Constant bickering between Statehouse parties,  reported statements and possibilities made to individuals like Jerry Gappens at NH Motor Speedway and the public relations by the Gov. office of course.

Generous public relations. Like a sales pitch for a used car. The ones with 150K on the odometer.

It’s also coming down to overselling.

This legislation has become like a used car lot where the salesmen including Gov. Hassan are trying to do anything to get sales support and get people to buy what they are selling.

Ask anyone who has ever worked in sales why this type of strategy ultimately fails:

It’s about the customers, and what the customer wants because it is the customer that has the money $$$$. Customer satisfaction is what drives sales not the other way around.  

Is this what the customers and voters of this state want?

I don’t see the answer to this question anywhere on the lot.

Have you noticed that everyone has a different line that they’re selling. I read an absurd one today in the Littleton Courier this one is from Rep. Gionet from Lincoln and it went something like this: “No one is paying any attention to my bill.”

I don’t know if this is true or not but not once have I ever sensed that this legislator has introduced legislation other than what he wants and supports.

Remember what I said about customer satisfaction.

The casino bills should all be killed. Inexpedient to Legislate (ITL).