Create Jobs. Why Bother.

Will There Be Any Leadership At DRED? I’m still disappointed at the recent Governor’s Council vote of 5-0 to confirm Jeff Rose to DRED Commissioner.

When George Bald announced his retirement I thought the entrenched politics of the past would change to the future.

Surprise, surprise!

These are some shots I found on NERAIL of loaded oil trains moving from the west across New England and northeastern New Hampshire to the port of St. John New Brunswick, Canada. I don’t know where the exported oil is going. Some sources I’ve seen say it’s to Europe.

Oil train from west arriving and passing through New Hampshire enroute to Canada.Why do the trains have to go all the way up to Canada when they could offload at the port of Portsmouth, NH?  I think if this were to be done it would be a real positive to Portsmouth and potentially lead to other transportation related economic development iniatives at this port.

Black Gold moving by train. Why isn't this offloaded in Portsmouth instead of Canada? Welcome to politics in New Hampshire. Think financial investment and creating jobs.

But I also don’t have any illusions here. To date I haven’t seen any evidence that Commissioner Rose is going to do anything but be an appendage of Gov. Hassan office. Those ‘innovation’ press releases issued by her office certainly do play well.

But also to date I haven’t seen any real evidence that this ‘innovation’ idea really leads anywhere.