Trying To Find Out.

I’ll start this blog off by saying inasmuch as it might appear this way it is not my intention to continue to use this board to continually complain, harp and bitch about the nomination and now confirmation of DRED Commissioner Jeff Rose.

But I’m still really unhappy.

I think this whole situation underlines what is wrong with New Hampshire and the entrenched sub culture that exists in Concord. It’s a culture of control, it’s a culture of nothing being said but everything being understood, it’s a culture where whispering in the ear is the norm and not the exception.

They do it quietly...

Yesterday, I got in touch with Governor’s Councilor Ray Burton to learn exactly why he voted for Commissioner Rose; there really isn’t much point in asking why since the vote was clearly 5-0 I never sensed there was ever any real opposition to this nomination.

See what I mean.

So instead I tried to express my concerns and there are many about the poor performance of DRED and what the future may bring.Governor’s Councilor Burton stated that he would ensure my question(s) and concerns will be forwarded to Commissioner Rose.

I’ve submitted a number of substantiative and financial concerns.

I’ll post the responses as soon as I get them.