Working With Our Neighbors.

This is another issue I've submitted to DRED Commissioner Rose via Governor's Councilor Burton.

This too is a blog that appeared on this very board. It's a possible and/or proposed interstate highway project leading from Maine to the powerful markets of the midwest.

The issue I've poised is that the Maine officials behind this idea are likely finding it easier to deal with a foreign, socialist government then deal with their next door neighbors.

That's why the road goes through Canada!

Somehow I don't see this changing. Especially on this side of the river.

But I'll wait for the response, if I get one and post it here.

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Jul 13 2012

Creating Jobs. Imagine That.

Maine East-West Highway by passes New Hampshire.
This is a shot of the Maine road that I've discussed before a project (in green) that will lead to millions of dollars of economic development, taxbase and jobs.
Maine officials of all sorts should be commended for their efforts to do this for their state.
Too bad we don't have this type of leadership in New Hampshire.
What I also neglected to report is that this proposed road is going to be privately owned and financed with some limited policy assistance from the state. In other words, a public-private partnership that works!!!!
Imagine if this road were diverted southward through New Hampshire and Vermont enroute to the Midwest and how this would not only improve the economic conditions but would foster a new level of cooperation between the states involved.
There would have to be some leadership in Concord for this to happen.
They'd be creating jobs... imagine that.