LCHIP Dump Out.

LCHIP is surrounded with issues of favoritism, politics and elitism and is a questionable use of valuable taxpayer money.The legislative fiscal committee and it's budget writers are doing a good thing in raiding the Land and Community Heritage Improvement Program also known as LCHIP.

This program needs to be dumped out completely.

Not only is it a questionable use of taxpayer money it's goals, organization and selection policy I think merit some serious questions if not investigation. It would be easier just to scrap the entire program. New Hampshire can't afford to preserve special interest properties just like it can't afford to run a ski area at a financial loss and run empty toy trains down to Boston.

Back to LCHIP I'd first question their selection criteria and how their "experts" decide which projects to fund. I believe this question is wrapped in politics, favoritism and basks in elitism while worthwhile projects are sidelined if considered at all.

I'm not going to sit here an cite specific examples but this does go on.

LCHIP should be dumped out.