Gun Control In New Hampshire.

NH Doesn't Have Gun Control Laws. It may not even need them.New Hampshire doesn’t have gun control at least not yet.

They might not even need to pass legislation the market may take care of this anyway. Recently, I tried to purchase two magazines for a Ruger Mini 14. And the responses I got including Riley’s in Hooksett.

“You’re joking right.”

“Christmas, we’re supposed to get some at Christmas. But don’t count on Santa Claus.”

Riley’s has an interesting operation especially its phone response system, “Due to the high volume of calls we may not be able to answer your call.” “Press the following options: Press 1 for Law Enforcement, Press 2 for Tactical, Press 3 for?

The inevitible question...

They’re probably politically correct for having law enforcement at the start of the queue. They have a need for weapons more than the general public.

Santa Claus might agree.