Bunch Of Crap. The Game Is Up.

This is a speculation blog.

I’ve been really disappointed with the start of this legislative session. It started with the wonderful $3.4 million dollar Nashua rail bill followed by more of the same in Concord. The Cannon Mountain ski pass idea was borderline pathetic even for a bunch of $100.00 a year mostly retired legislators.

But a shot at redemption might be on the horizon.

Senate Bill 152.  The casino bill.

I like the description poised in the media especially the hard wiring to the racetrack in Salem. Flawed wiring by any standards that still won’t change the likely fact that this legislation will be found ITL in the not so distant future.

So the political question(s) then becomes:

Who takes responsibility for this defeated legislation? Is it Gov. Hassan or the Senate Promoter Sen. Morse?

I won’t speculate here. I don’t know the depth to what Sen. Morse has promised to deliver in his Senate district. And how deep these promises might go.

But once S.B. 152 is defeated I hope the Rep. Gionet gambling bill follows it. It’s the bill no one is paying any attention to.

Gambling at the Indian Head in Lincoln.

Come on.