Why 70 MPH Can't Work.

When I first watched this UTUBE I couldn’t believe it I thought it was one of those edited/doctored videos but it wasn’t this actually happened.And consider how quickly this situation developed and notice the cause.

I’ll guarantee it and I’m confident that statistics and experienced mechanics will back up my statement:

Of 10 cars on the road 3-4 would not only fail a safety inspection but are in imminent danger of causing a serious preventable accident.

Higher speed limits only compounds this situation, and tragically.

Think about this if a tire would fall off a non inspectible car at 65 MPH and create this situation what might it have done if the vehicles were now doing.

Think fatality.

I’ve taken many safety course(s) as a part of my OTR Truck Driver training and here is the formula on why higher speed limits would lead to fatalities in New Hampshire.

Perception + Reaction= Effective Braking.

What exactly is effective braking?

This is the period of time when the driver sees a problem, your one second behind. The driver then uses his foot to apply the brake, your two seconds behind. The braking system activates your now three seconds behind. The accident occurs your four to five seconds behind.

This time can even be counted on this video. The driver was four to five seconds too late in his reaction and an accident resulted.

Now lets increase the speed limits to 70 MPH basically this adds one second to each step and compounds the damage from the final impact. The driver has less time to react and this changes the impact as well. In this case swerving might not have even been an option at eight seconds behind where the driver should have been. Facts show that more fatalities happen from front and rear end collisions than all other accidents combined.

This model applies to normal cars as well not just trucks.

Insurance premiums would rise throughout New Hamsphire if the increase in speed limits passes.  Higher premiums means more uninsured drivers which will eventually compound into yet more higher premiums due to more expensive wrongful death claims and personal injury claims in general.

Thank you Rep. Vailliancourt for all you’re doing for New Hampshire.