Building Private Roads.

This is a UTUBE video and LOB Press Conference that talks about building roads in New Hampshire.

Notice that the state bureaucracy and it's supporters always come first!

I liked the response about "70% of the money goes directly to the private sector."


Right after the state takes the 30% cut and then they do a professional audit of the contractors that bid on the road project. Have you ever noticed that it's always the same contractors that are bidding on that 70% the state reps. are talking about. (If this statement is to be believed at all).

States like Texas, Ohio and Illinois and Maine (proposed) are building private roads which are financed not through the taxpayers but the private sector.

You'll probably never guess what happens when private roads are built. Immense amounts of taxpayer capital is saved right up front, the overall project cost comes in lower and the road itself is better maintained meanwhile the state is still collecting tax revenue from the sale of the long-term 60-70 year lease on the road itself.

Why can't we do this in New Hampshire?

I'm sure Mr. Splaine has the well worded big government, higher taxes answer to this one.