Good Roads=Good Jobs.

The formula for economic development is really quite simple.

Good Roads= Good Jobs.

Good Railroads= Good Jobs.

But not everything can be fit into a mathematical based metric.

This is a UTUBE video that I’ve reported on before. It takes place in Texas and a proposal by the Union Pacific Railroad to build a rail classification yard inside some prime agricultural land.

And the surrounding issues…   And there are many.

As I’ve also reported before the State of Texas, as I understand is poised to eminent domain property that is not willing to be sold so it would be appear that the deck is not only stacked but tipped to the scale of corporate finance and governmental “regulation.”

But back to the jobs.

Union Pacific Railroad needs this yard.  Rail is a vital component in the world of commerce and millions of dollars of investment and thousands of jobs will depend and grow upon the ability of this 150 year old rail carrier to deliver raw goods for production and finished goods to be sold to the consumer. New Hampshire will even be effected by this.

And a place in Texas will make all of this happen. New Hampshire will benefit.