Hassan At Waterloo.

When the smoke clears and the battle is over. Gov. Hassan and her Senate supporters deserve to have this handed to them.I'm looking forward to the house debate on Senate Bill 152.

What will be even better than the debate and the desperation that ensues will be the vote on Senate Bill 152.

Think the Battle of Waterloo.

When the smoke clears the stench of defeat is all that will remain.

I think Gov. Hassan and her supporters in the Senate, including Sen. Jeff Woodburn deserve to have this handed to them. This legislation in essence does nothing for the state but opens the idea of something happening with a game of chance. I won't even put risk in here. Risk is where the strategy can be quantified and how effective tactics minimize risk and increase the probability of victory.

Senate Bill 152 doesn't do this. Sure it's good for Salem but what about the rest of New Hampshire?

I'm overlooking this S.B. 152 battle with a pair of field glasses from a hill far, far away and what I see is a resemblance between Gov. Hassan and Napoleon.

History can and does repeat itself.