More Backroom Deals. More Spending.

I saw something today in the Littleton Courier newspaper that really disgusted me. I think it also shows what is wrong with politics and the way things are done in New Hampshire, especially the spending part.

Let me start with the background: Rest Areas are a luxury this state can no longer afford.

About three years ago facing significant budget challenges the NH DOT decided to close and/or reduce a luxury the state can no longer afford:  Rest Areas.

NH DOT made the right choice. Many states including Delaware are exiting the Rest Area business and instead are leasing them out to the private sector.

You’ll probably never guess what happens when they do this.

Think better facilities that don’t cost the taxpayer a dime.

So it’s 2013 in northern New Hampshire and freshman Senator Jeff Woodburn and newly appointed DRED Commissioner Jeffrey Rose think it’s a good idea to re-open the rest areas that were either closed or reduced by the NH DOT.


Who is going to pay for this?

Was it ever voted on?

Does the DRED budget include the operation of Rest Areas?

I could go on but I won’t. But something is clearly wrong here, especially the spending part.