Cracking An Iceberg

Desperation in any context is bad news. It’s even worse in politics.

Witness a recent letter to the editor by Lincoln Rep. Edmond Gionet. I didn’t read all of it as it was pretty bad. The thrust or gist of the matter was his attempts to amend the pending casino legislation, H.B. 152 thus allowing a casino in northern New Hampshire.

He couldn’t get his own bill though to passage so he’ll simply amend H.B. 152.

Just like that.

This is like putting a fresh coat of paint on the Titanic and offering it for sale with a looming iceberg nearby. Then in his letter Rep. Gionet attacks legislators from the area claiming that: “They’ve said they support expanded casino gaming but they voted against his bill.” Or something to this effect.

A fresh coat of paint and a sales pitch isn't going to stop H.B. 152 from sinking. I stopped reading it after that.

I’m from northern New Hampshire. My impression of the legislators both Republican and Democratic range from very non-committal to negative on the very idea of a “highly regulated and higher end” casino whatever the Gov. Hassan statement really means.

I don't believe Gov. Hassan has even defined her own public statements. Another reason H.B. 152 should be killed.