Quality Despite Challenges.

One of the realities of the budget situation in Concord is that most if not all state agencies and state funded organizations have to do more with less.

Yet some are continuing to deliver quality service to New Hampshire.

White Mountain Community College is one of them.

I was reading in the Littleton Courier newspaper about this school which used to be called Berlin Vo- Tech based in this northern city about some of the capital constraints faced by this school. Believe from memory their stated capital requirement(s) or request for FY 13 is $17 million and the legislature is giving them $8 million instead.

I’ve had my own really positive experience at this school.

Before I became a long-distance truck driver I decided to seek some refresher type of training at this school which has campuses in places like Littleton and Conway. In any case, they didn’t try and sell me anything, instead I was given access to a state of the art trucking simulator which was not only affordable but was like driving the real thing. The instructors were not only expereinced and helpful but they actually taught how to drive instead of how to live in fear which is what some safety departments at trucking companies do. 

Trucking Simulator Like At White Mountain Community College.WMCC features a state of the art simulator and they teach you how to drive a truck.This simulator is also very significant because I would later learn that there are only about three of these simulators east of the Mississippi River and the next closest one is in New Jersey.

This school offer many types of courses including welding.

White Mountain Community College also offers many other programs that can’t be found elsewhere, one such example of this is welding. Again state of the art equipment and instruction at a much more affordable price than can be found at other schools which are far away from tax free New Hampshire.