Taking Ah Break.

It’s been five years.

I just looked on the records and I’ve been blogging on NHInsider.com for five years. That’s almost as long as I was in politics in New Hampshire including some of the campaigns that I was involved in.

Thanks for reading my blogs!

I’ll speak for myself as a blog writer I do it because not only do I like some of the issues and describing them but some of the feedback (yours) and how this shapes the discussion and the strategy of whatever the issue is.

So I’ve enjoyed reading your posts as hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading mine. 

But with this being said this winter has been a long one and at times has been very hard almost like a debate or issue that is controlled like lobbyists. It’s like nothing can be said, nothing can be done the fate has been decided. In one sense politics, power and the weather are all very much the same.  Especially some of these individuals that believe they can forecast any of these dynamics, especially the ones that are paid.

Let’s move on.

I’m taking a break from NHInsider.com I need to catch my breath. I don’t know if and when I’ll be coming back I’m thinking about shooting for July 1st we’ll have to see how it goes.

Thanks again for reading my blogs!

Live Free Or Die.