Vaillancourt Propaganda.

So I came home from a tough shift at work tonite and saw something that really made me angry.

This was Rep. Vailliancourt’s callus, disrespectful characterization of Rockingham Park in Salem and especially some of the older people that frequent the simulcast facilities there. "A depressing stop at the Rock."

I love horses and as an occasional horse racing bettor, the closure of the Lodge at Belmont makes Rockingham Park the closest simulcast facility to northern New Hampshire. And I’ve been to Rockingham Park at least two times in the past year.

And the scene this Manchester legislator who has never held either a position in the house leadership or been a committee chairman in his years of elected experience describes a scene which is clearly unfair.

It’s true there are some older and elderly individuals that are present. Horse Racing isn’t the sport that it once was especially in a world of rap music, NASCAR, on-line sex and the ever popular sports books. However Horse Racing is still a sport and a tough one at that. If you notice that armchair political commando Vailiancourt doesn’t have anything to say about his own horse handicapping skills I don’t think he has any just like his political and leadership capability to be a committee chairman.

Effective horse handicapping requires a lot of work and I mean a lot of work. Just try picking three horses in correct finish order (trifecta) in a field of ten to twelve horses and do it effectively. Never mind the life changing pick six that routinely cashes tickets in the $120,000.00 range. Pick six horses in order in a twelve field it’s not as easy as you might think. Rep Vaillancourt can’t do it perhaps this is why he is so hard on Rockingham Park.

I’ll tell you this: those elderly individuals sitting in the wheelchairs some with oxygen some with canes routely hit the trifectas the superfectas and some even hit that wonderful pick six and the fantastic money that comes with it.  I’ve met them, I've seen it. I’m also a student of World War II history from the German perspective and have spoken with some of these same WW II  veterans at Rockingham Park that fought in Europe. I’ll tell you this too: their stories don’t appear in any history books just like the German’s versions don’t.

I have a great deal of respect for the older handicappers that appear at the historic Rockingham Park in Salem for who they are, their skills in a great but unappreciated sport, and what they’ve contributed to this great country.

As to the Rep. Vailiancourt propaganda machinery I have only one word left.