Mooring Lines Don't Break. NH Politicians Do.

Mooring Lines Don't Break. Note the stern line and then the lines going all the wayup the port side of the vessel.Bloggers Note: If your not into political conspiracy theories and speculation then stop reading this blog. I’m disclosing it now.

I spent six years in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve most of it stationed at Marine Safety Office (MSO) Portland, Maine the unit that is responsible for all commercial maritime operations north of Boston including all of the terminals on the Piscatequa River and locations in Portsmouth and Newington.

So I’m reading about the oil tanker that somehow escaped from its mooring at the NH State Port Authority and crashed into the Sarah Long Bridge causing substantial structural damage to the historic span.

I’m skeptical that this was an accident. I sense the stench of political conspiracy.

For staters mooring lines don’t break (see picture), maritime operations and line construction have been around for as long as time itself.  So from this statement let’s consider some of what the law says. The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) which is what the U.S. Coast Guard enforces states that during transfer operations "there has to be a qualified crewmember or transfer supervisor available on the ship at all times." This vessel, “The Harbor Feature,” as I understand it wasn’t transferring product, however, there was product on board this ship and though it isn’t the law, it is industry practice that a qualified crewmember is on board whenever there is product on the ship. The only exception to these laws is that the Commanding Officer of the MSO also known as the Captain of the Port (COTP) can issue a COTP order of anything deemed needed. For example, when I was in Coast Guard frequently there would be COTP orders given about times when product could and could not be transferred, when storms were approaching often all transfer operations “were to be ceased immediately.”

So how did this oil tanker break free from its moorings and crash into the Sarah Long Bridge?

Enter New Hampshire politics.

Is Port Director Geno Marconi up for re-nomination?

What is Port Director Geno “Jew Canoe” Marconi’s relationship with the Governor’s Office and/or the owner of the ship that crashed into the Sarah Long Bridge?

My conspiracy theory is that Mr. Marconi has only remained in this state position because Gov. Lynch did not remove him this also includes the political actions and/or inaction of the Governor’s Council.

Well, they'res a new Sheriff in town.