Hello & Goodbye.

It's been a little while.

I'm still making my decision as to whether to return as a political blogger on NHInsider.com. I'm really leaning towards quitting. Lots of reasons for this.

But out of respect, loyalty and thanks to my readers over these past five years I've decided to post a few more blogs from now until July 1st the essence of these threads being about me, how I 'got involved' in NH politics some of varied experiences and perceptions and lastly I'll take a stab at how things have changed since I first stumbled into my journey into the political landscape of the granite state on a sub zero dark and cold night in February of the year 1987...

Some of these blogs will include:

- Trains, Chess and the Quiche Shuttle.

- I can't drive that 55. 

-Illusion, Disillusion.

-The window, the idea and the prophet with the strings.

-Okinawa or Bust.

-Why I need(ed) Elvis.

-Taking The Deal.

-Clausewitz And The Endgame.  

Thanks for reading my blogs.