Lack Of Leadership

I'm surprised there hasn't been more discussion and commentary about the defeat of H.B. 152 and what this means for New Hampshire.

I've overheard some state employees talking and they've been told that layoffs will likely begin in July and continue all the way through September.

Leadership New Hampshire.

I think the Gov. Hassan plan was flawed because it relied too much on assumptions that the House and Senate would simply go along once it was incorporated into the proposed state budget. I wonder who was giving Hassan the advise to do this or whether she engineered the idea on her very own.

So the layoffs loom...

I remember one of the last legislative hearings I attended relative to expanded casino gaming it was chaired by Sen. Bob O'Dell who seems adept at putting his finger to the wind and basing his decisions on this direction. In any case the NH Council of Churches and former Sen. Rubens were testifying about all the vast knowlege they have about casino development and societal implications and one of the church people actually forcasted that if Maine passed it's casino legislation it would fail miserably.

It's my understanding that the new casino in Oxford, Maine has signed a purchase and sale agreement to sell the casino to the parent company of Churchill Downs the site of the yearly Kentucky Derby. From what I'm reading the price is $450 million dollars with a proposed expansion including a larger casino and other related facilities.

There is no leadership in New Hampshire it doesn't exist.