Do Nothing Political Groups.

The shelves of the NH Food Bank go empty as NH Political Groups do nothing except talk and complain.I recently saw an article in the Union Leader that I found very disheartening.

The shelves of the NH Food Bank are not only depleted but they’re almost empty.

I’m finding this disheartening because of all the political activism that goes on in this state, all the food that is misused and thrown away and yet the shelves of the NH Food Bank sit nearly empty.

I’ll start with an example: The NH Free State Project and individuals go to extreme lengths to demonstrate things like: “individual liberties.”Constitutitional rights” and using their video cameras to document their causes including asking for money to support their cause.


The shelves of the NH Food Bank sit nearly empty.

This would be the challenge for political groups in New Hampshire like the Free State Project, Free, Ridley Report, Americans for Prosperity, Citizens For A Strong NH, Cop and the plethora of losers, lobbyists and hangers on in the Statehouse plaza.

Do something for New Hampshire.

I’m confident that they won’t. It’s much easier to gripe, complain and press release about the system instead of doing something positive to make it better; something that might require some actual work instead of talking. Lots of talk in this state too much talk not enough do.  

Some might ask “what am I doing” other than blogging on NH about the empty shelves at the NH Food Bank. I’m employed by a Fortune 500 Corporation that sells millions of dollars of food in New Hampshire on a daily basis. I asked the members of management if the thrown away food could be donated to the NH Food Bank. This was denied instead the policy is to make a cash donation to charitable organization(s) like the NH Food Bank, NH Salvation Army, NH Catholic Charities, etc. in the amt. of the thrown away food.

I’m in the process of finding out how much money has and will be sent to the NH Food Bank for food.