Defacto 70 MPH.

I'm already experiencing some of the positive aspects of this new law for New Hampshire.

For starters, the defacto speed limit on I-93 isn't 70 MPH it's now 75 and for some of these ego based morons that like to visit our state and leave some of their money it's 80.

Last night there was actually a motorcycle weaving in and out of the southbound lanes of I-93 in New Hampton the state police clocked his speed at 150 MPH. Mix speed, temptation and single digit IQ scores and this leads to the situation that normal, safe drivers like me find themselves in.

Thank you New Hampshire! Thanks for promoting safe driving.

Here is the other problem(s) I'm encountering the speed lane aka the hammer lane is like a river that is moving faster while the slow lane aka The granny lane is a river that is moving slower. So the driver has only one real choice -accept the faster lane rate of speed or rear end the slower drivers. Or even being rear ended yourself.

See where all this is leading...

Higher costs too. More accidents, more insurance claims more usage of emergency responders and more wear and tear on vehicles 30% of which will not even pass a state inspection test even at the lower levels of speed. There can be only one word of description here.