Leadership Under Pressure.

I've been reading the blurb from the defeat of S.B. 152 (Expanded Gaming Bill) from the May 17th House Calendar.

I think this demonstrates some real leadership on the part of Rep. Mary Jane Wallner.

"The funds are dedicated to support highway debt (a proposal that the State Treasurer says is not feasible), an ill-conceived North Country Economic Development Fund with absolutely no oversight or accountability, the university system, millions to the local communities and, finally, a dedicated funding stream to treat gambling addiction that is either too high or too low but certainly not based on any facts."

Leadership because not only is this legislator identifying real issues and flaws with the bill but she is going against all the forces aligned in support of this bill including most of the state senate and the Governor of New Hampshire.

Leadership under pressure.

The part about ill conceived ideas is quality too. It's not that northern New Hampshire doesn't already have any experience with no oversight and accounting from what I'm understanding Tri County CAP is still being run by the NH Attorney Generals office and their accountants called trustees still can't account, or at the very least, "accounting irregularities" for some $450,000.00 dollars, possibly more. I hope that they are able to recover all of these funds or at least explain why they had to take over.

I'm not really pleased with Sen. Jeff Woodburn's enthusiastic support of S.B. 152 and the creation of this "North Country Economic Development Fund."