Grass Aint Greener.

My Subaru Legacy got recalled and the closest dealership for me is actually in St. Johnsbury, Vermont where I purchased the car. In any case I went to St. Johnsbury this morning and my first and immediate impression:

“I’m in Lowell or Lawrence, Massachusetts.”

The place looks really bad. It’s mid morning and already there are people loitering about the street the whole area looks as if economic deprivation is starting to set in like a community being transformed into a ghetto.


It didn’t take me long to start reading in the pages of the Caledonian Record newspaper what else is happening in this community about 20 miles west of Littleton,NH.

Lots of heroin and other drugs being used.Lots of news reports of heroin in this area of Vermont.

I’m often critical of New Hampshire and its current state but with St. Johnsbury, Vermont in the immediate background I’ll make the argument the grass isn’t always greener.

Loitering In St. J. Unemployment is part of this community.