Guns, Liberty Not Racing.

So I’ve happened on a ticket for tomorrow’s ACT race in No. Woodstock at the White Mountain Motorsports Park. I’ve not been there for some time hopefully the weather will be good it’s 150 laps of both U.S. and Canadian drivers.Late Model Racing.

If nothing else it will also be a diversion from this week’s NH political activities that included that included the arrest in front of the statehouse and scenes with guns that looked like this.(see below).

I’ll stop short of calling this an embarrassment for New Hampshire. But it’s something.

I’d ask this person what she might be accomplishing with this. I’d guess she would say something about constitutional rights and personal liberty. As she’s holding a semi automatic Is this an example of promoting liberty? gun in front of the statehouse.

I’ve heard the expression “to each his own.”  I guess this means each person gets to pursue what they think is important whether this is liberty, guns or simply watching cars go around in a circle.

But I will say this at least I’m not trying to make a political statement.