Good Political Ideas. Bada Bing.

So tonight I went to the 150 lap ACT Late Model event at White Mountain Motorsports Park. It was great I watched the practice heats and it had the intensity of being a very competitive race.

But then it started raining. Quite heavily.

Races cancelled. They’ll reschedule likely next Saturday or July 10th the loudspeaker stated.

In any case as I was leaving amidst the raindrops saw something that once again drew my political rage about what is wrong with New Hampshire politics and the way things are done here.

I’ll start with an explanation. Car racing is like any other sport or capital endeavor it takes money to be successful and the way racing teams raise this money is through sponsors that advertise on the cars. Okay, so I’m looking at the cars and the sponsors are largely 80% in either the automotive, construction or specialized retail industries like Verizon Wireless. This makes a lot of sense these industries can showcase, market and sell awareness of their products by this advertising in a market (car racing) whose watchers use these products and services.Car Racing is a discretionary, capital intensive endeavor. I don't think NH taxpayers money should be used to finance race cars.

And then I see a car I believe #20 sponsored by NH taxpayers money, Cannon Mountain.

The state of New Hampshire doesn’t have the ability to fund essential services in areas ranging from transportation to education yet it has the discretionary play money to be able to sponsor a race car!

As if this sponsorship isn’t outrageous enough. It would be interesting to see exactly who approved this expenditure and what the reasoning is. Was it done with a state contract approved by Governor and Executive Council? Did DRED simply authorize it under funds used at Cannon Mountain? Who did this?

Bada Bing.

New Hampshire shouldn’t be sponsoring race cars just like it shouldn’t be running a ski area at a financial loss.