Hassan Does Not Care.

The Homeless Are Being Moved Out Of Concord. The last few times I’ve been to Concord I’ve seen what this economy is all about.

Homeless people lots of them.

The Fort Eddy Road I think is the most noticeable there is a contrast here between someone asking for a few pennies or some food against the well to do driving the shiny BMW 325ix and if you’re wondering what the ix stands for from what I understand it’s an all wheel drive model.

There are a lot of homeless people in Concord.

Gov. Maggie "Higher End Highly Regulated Casino" Hassan doesn’t care about homeless people and for that matter neither do Speaker Norelli and President Brangdon.

Such leadership in this state.

But then I noticed something else was happening. The homeless are being forced out of Concord and the rationale being “they can go to surrounding areas.” Wonder who thought this one up.

Somehow I don’t see homeless people standing on the grounds of places like Pembroke Academy or the St. Paul’s School looking for a dented can of B&M baked beans ironically the NH Food Bank is currently out of baked beans.

Nobody cares about that either.