More Gridlock Less Progress.

I'm surprised I-93 Expansion project hasn't gained more attention.Governor Maggie Wood Hassan has already issued a press release heralding the newly passed state budget.

The only thing the explanation is missing is reality and some cute little robots. This makes sense as both of these were killed in the final draft which reportedly takes effect July 1st.

Gov. Hassan likes cute little robots they're designed with her prefered STEM philosophy and robots don't ask policy questions like the ones that she doesn't have the ability to answer.

Let's move on.

$200,000 for the annual robotics competition was removed by budget writers this is a questionable expanse anyway, also killed was the I-93 road widening project at first I’m surprised there isn’t more resistance to this-- especially the economic consequences involved.

But remember the rail project.

Yeah that one the Executive Council votes 4-1 to spend $3.29 million dollars on a rail study to benefit Nashua and Mayor Donnalee Lozeau.

So next time you’re sitting in gridlock thank your elected officials and their priorities.