OBrien Not For Congress.

So I decided to listen to an edition of GrokTalk on a podcast. It was an interesting experience the design of the program is good, but after some time it becomes another political show of talking heads trying to get in points that aren’t really relevant and in truth is nothing more than a wordy show of who has the largest ego.

For example if you’ve ever listened to Laura Knoy on NHPR. Even if the issue is contentious with varied position(s) Knoy does a skillful job of keeping it on topic and moving towards the ultimate customer: the listener! Of course NHPR is going to be more polished than the “conservative, gun totting, letter writing, liberty minded” GrokTalk but the issue of the listener still remains.

I decided to listen to the GrokTalk as former speaker O’Brien was on the air talking about his potential bid for U.S. Congress against 2D incumbent Annie Kuster.

From what I heard an O’Brien candidacy would be a colossal mistake.

Inasmuch as I’d really like to see do nothing Kuster replaced O’Brien just isn’t the candidate. He started out really well talking about what’s wrong with dipping into dedicated funds like the highway trust fund to fund everything like “demonstration projects” which are the favorite of politicians like Councilor Ray Burton.

OBrien For Congress? Seems To Have The Wrong Priorities.Then O’Brien drives off a cliff.

He starts talking about money and fundraising and Nancy Pelosi as if this has any real bearing on 2D. It’s clear the former speaker hasn’t considered past successful congressional campaigns like Bass, Douglas, Bill Hatch and even the first campaign of Dick Swett not only how they were successful but how they were organized to be successful. My direct observation is that money was only a component of these races not the deciding factor as O’Brien states on GrokTalk.

Then he started talking about this liberty thingy. I’m seeing images of a bunch of overweight, frustrated malcontents clutching guns at the entrance of the statehouse while another moron takes a bullhorn and shouts something like “Ayotte, Ayotte.”

Turn it all off. Go to commercial.